The Advantages of Market Mastery Recruiting

Market mastery recruiting is a concept perfected by top-rated recruiting agencies. It allows agencies to be successful in multiple practice areas. The results are satisfied clients who place the agency on retainer, the ability of the agency to attract the brightest talent in each industry represented, and streamlined processes that expedite professional and executive searches.

How It Works

Teams are created for each practice area. Each team consists of experienced recruiting professionals with previous working experience in that industry, interviewers, and support staff. They work together to find ideal candidates quickly for each vacancy. Teams have access to international data bases of registered candidates and can also conduct a new search if no candidates are identified.

The process expedites the searches, results in short lists for the company to consider, and improves the retention rate of the placement. It also allows for comprehensive preliminary and followup services. Teams understand the demands of the positions they are filling, can accurately describe job duties to candidates, and devise meaningful interview questions to get in-depth answers.

Relocation assistance for those who are hired for new positions, information to make the transition a smooth one for both company and professional, and proven techniques to address any immediate issues are employed to aid in retention. Most agencies provide guarantees to companies that assure them of retention of at least one year. If the professional leaves prior to that time, the agency searches for replacement candidates free of charge.

Practice Areas

The practice areas will differ from agency to agency. Large international agencies will typically offer services for the most industries. Some do prefer to excel in one practice area that consists of multiple facets. Health care, for example, is an industry that encompasses acute care, long-term residential settings, small medical practices, large hospitals, research, and many other aspects.

Multiple areas can include food service, higher education, information technology, security, industrial plant management, finances, and commodities. Compare success rates in relevant areas among experienced agencies before deciding upon which one to retain for the company. Carefully selecting a recruiting agency will save the company time and money well into the future.